SCRAPbook: Targeting Scotland's Coastal Litter

Project Update:

SCRAPbook has been an extremely successful project to map litter deposits around the coastline of the Scottish mainland. Culminating in an on-line map, with data available on the National Marine Planning interactive, the 2018 data has provided a snapshot of the problem of marine litter in Scotland. We have been able to fly a further 2 areas in 2019 but unfortunately our funding has now ended, and the SCRAPbook project is coming to a close for now.

We would like to give a massive thank you to Marine Scotland for significant funding for this project. In addition, thanks must go to Highland Park, Coca Cola, Tay Charitable Trust, Hugh Fraser Foundation and the public for their donations.

Thanks also go to all the staff, past and present who have worked on the project and the many volunteers who have tirelessly pored over images and provided classification data.

And last, but not at all least, the fabulous Sky Watch pilots who volunteered over 200 hours flying time. Without you this would not have been possible.

Our website is still live and we hope it will continue to be accessed by anyone wanting to get a better picture of the issue.  We are also awaiting some final 2020 data which will be uploaded to our website when it is ready – so keep an eye out! Our Good Practice Guide for beach cleans and Marine Litter Officer Case Study will both be available on the SCRAPbook and Moray Firth Partnership websites in the near future.

The need to map the coastline again and provide further data in future years remains. The founding partners (Moray Firth Partnership, Marine Conservation Society and Sky Watch) will continue to look for opportunities to extend this project in future years.

Read our 2019-20 SCRAPbook Update here!

The SCRAPbook project (Scottish Coastal Rubbish Aerial Photography) is an innovative scheme which maps litter around the coast of Scotland.

Photographs taken from light aircraft are classified by volunteers using the scale below - a higher category shows a greater litter intensity on a photograph.

Use the map by clicking on the points. The map shows locations where litter intensity was Category 2 or higher. The colour of each point indicates litter intensity, and photographs of the location are attached for litter intensities of Category 3 and higher.